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Read the summary first, as always. Hehe.
“Happy birthday, dude!”
Harry thinks he’s never hated anything more than the word ‘dude’. It’s his birthday. They could’ve at least given him a ‘babe’ or ‘brother’.
But no. ‘Dude’.
He’s crying—sobbing—shaking—breaking—where’s Louis?—slamming—crashing—distant noises from within the flat—who’s there?—he doesn’t care—robbers?—he has money to spare—Louis—who?
Tanned arms pick him up and pull them into Louis’ lap, where he cradles Harry as much as he can and rocks him gently. “Shh, darling, it’s okay.”
“Dude,” is all Harry can manage to choke out between sobs. He realizes that he had fallen on the floor, which explains the bruises on his shins.
“I know, baby, I know. I didn’t want to; they made me.” Harry's still cryi
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I Think I Love You Better Now
Read the summary first! :) <3
And out of all these things I’ve done, I think I love you better now.
The first time Zayn sees Niall, it’s in a dingy grocery with fluorescent lights and quietly humming refrigerators.
He’s just stocking the dairy aisle with milk when a blond blur crashes into him. “Sorry, mate, didn’t see yah there.”
The blond straightens up and hits Zayn with the brightest, clearest, deepest blue eyes he’s ever seen. “Hey? You alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine, just watch where you’re going,” Zayn says.
“Okay! Hey, do you need help putting that in your basket?” the boy asks.
“Um, no, seeing as I work here,” Zayn says.
The boys smiles sheepishly. “Oh. My name’s Niall, by the way.”
“My name’s Zayn. Nice to meet you Niall, I guess, seeing as how you knocked me over.”
He smiles awkwardly again. “Yeah, I do that.” He stops babb
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Read the summary first, loves. :)
It all started because Niall wanted to see a ghost. Liam was agreeable. Zayn went along because he did whatever his boyfriend wanted. Harry was…reluctant.
They could’ve gone to the beach or to France or to their parents’ basements for chrissakes but no. To the haunted hotel in the middle of nowhere (not really, it was Doncaster) for their impromptu vacation.
Their cab dropped them off in front of the inn, which was more of a large house. The sign in the front lawn read “Tomlinson Bed & Breakfast”. The house was painted white, with blue shutters and a matching blue front door. Harry loved it.
Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam all dragged their things into the house. “Hello?” Liam called out.
“Over here, love,” an unfamiliar voice said from another room. They followed the voice and found a medium-height woman smiling at them from behind a desk. “Hi! Are you guests…?”
Liam stepped.
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Vanilla Twilight
"The silence isn't so bad
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly."
- "Vanilla Twilight", Owl City
Wally missed Dick.
Wally missed Dick's eyes and his cute little nose. He missed his floppy ebony hair and silly little cackle that became a regular laugh after a few years.
He missed the way Dick messed around with words and how his voice sounded when he murmured, "I need you." He missed how their afternoons would be spent on the couch watching old movies and eating five bowls of popcorn because Wally wouldn't stop eating. And how they would then go out on patrol then come home and cuddle with hot chocolate and fall asleep in each others arms.
He missed the way Dick fit perfectly into him when they hugged and how Dick's lips molded to his when they kissed. How small Dick's hands were in comparison to Wally's. How Dick sparkled. Dick literally sparkled.
Wally missed Dick.
He shifted on the ratty couch and sighed heavily.
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"And I will reveal my strength to the whole human race
Yes, I am prepared to stay alive
I won't forgive
Vengeance is mine
And I won't give in because I choose to thrive."
"Survival" Muse
Dick Grayson did not give up easily. Not now, not ever.
So when he realized he no longer cared about Tony Zucco, he surprised even himself. That burning desire to catch his parents' killer had cooled. His acrobatic gear had long since been exchanged for birdarangs and and grappling hooks and most importantly, self-control. Bruce had drilled it into him since day one: Killing is bad. Killing is bad. Killing is bad...
Not that that had ever stopped anyone.
That day's mission was a recon mission, something that the team was usually spectacular at messing up. But they were sent on one anyway, and the bio-ship flew to a shady neighborhood in the slums of Central City [1]. They landed as discreetly as possible in the early evening light, disturbing the homeless people who were common to this part of
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Harry Styles: Warhol by lipstick-and-tictacs Harry Styles: Warhol :iconlipstick-and-tictacs:lipstick-and-tictacs 0 0 Mae Whitman by lipstick-and-tictacs Mae Whitman :iconlipstick-and-tictacs:lipstick-and-tictacs 8 6 My Brain Hurts by lipstick-and-tictacs My Brain Hurts :iconlipstick-and-tictacs:lipstick-and-tictacs 2 2
ZW 2012: Whimsical
It was the first festival Katara had ever been to. The lights and the décor and the food and the fire all overwhelmed her to the point of almost wanting to go back to the Palace.
But she stayed. She knew that night was magical. It was the one holiday that the whole world shared: The Dragon Festival, celebrating the day when dragons gave humans fire.
So Katara had donned her Painted Lady costume and headed out. She hadn't told anyone, not even Zuko, where she was going.
She wandered about the festival, admiring all of the elaborate costumes everyone wore. But there was one person that eluded her. It was clearly a man, dressed in all black except for a blue mask that looked like a spirit. He would look at her, and then walk briskly away.
Katara followed him, until she reached a dancing pavilion. He beckoned fro her to come to him.
She joined him at the edge of the pavilion, unsure. He held out his hand, as if to ask if he could dance with her. She briefly debated in her
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ZW 2012: Trancend
The first time they meet, she is Katara and he is Zuko.
She is the last waterbender of the South Pole. He is the banished prince of the Fire Nation.
There was mutual dislike at first. But then the souls recognized each other.
But other souls prevented love, so the two souls tried again.
The second time, she is Kailyah and he is Zoroh.
She is the pharaoh's wife. He is her loyal servant.
Originally it was just a master and her servant. But the souls recognize each other again though.
But then he is executed for falling in love with his queen. The two souls are adrift again.
The third time, she is Katherine and he is Zachary.
She is a dancer at a local comedy club. He is a wealthy socialite.
They dance and drink. The souls are overjoyed to be reunited.
Then Zachary goes outside and is shot by an off-aim gang member.
So the souls are ripped apart yet again.
The fourth time, she is Kailey and he is Zayn.
She is the new girl at school. He is the most popular boy in scho
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ZW 2012: Momentous
It was the second solar eclipse Katara had ever seen, and she had to admit it was much more beautiful when she wasn't focused on invading the Fire Nation.
She was on the balcony of some random floor in the Royal Palace. The entire world was encased with dimmed light. She couldn't imagine how the firebenders felt. She had been without bending a fair share of times, and it wasn't something she liked to remember.
She heard someone come up behind her. "Beautiful, isn't it?"
She nodded. "Very."
Zuko stood next to her, so close their hands were brushing. Katara felt a warmth creep up her arm from her fingertips. Which was strange, seeing as it was an eclipse.
"How does it feel? Not being able to firebend?"
"A little frightening. But it's okay, because no is going to try and attack my country," he said teasingly.
She rolled her eyes. "Yeah yeah." They sat in companionable silence for a while after that.
He spoke abruptly. "Do you know the old legend for how solar eclipses came to
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ZW 2012: Serendipity
Serendipity (BTW, being encased in * means it's italics.)
Katara ran. She didn't care for how long or where to, but she needed to run.
The rain fell in torrents, soaking her to the bone. She shivered and stumbled, but kept on running. She had to get away.
Katara didn't know how long she had been running, but somehow she ended up at the turtle-duck pond. She collapsed her face in her hands. Her whole body was racked with chest-heaving sobs.
*It's all your fault.*
She sobbed harder.
*"Iroh? Are you still with me?"
Iroh nodded weakly. "Yes, Miss Katara, I am."
Katara forced her hands to glow brighter and bluer. She had to save Iroh. She had to. Or Zuko would never forgive her.
"That's selfish," she thought to herself. "Iroh is more important than your relationships."
She blinked back tears. Iroh's heart was slowing and weakening.
Iroh's tired old eyes focused on her. "Miss Katara, why are you crying?"
"B-because I can't s-save you."
"Miss Katara, I know my time is here. Please, stop tr
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Makorra: Ship Fullfillment by lipstick-and-tictacs Makorra: Ship Fullfillment :iconlipstick-and-tictacs:lipstick-and-tictacs 183 32 Poor Little Bolin by lipstick-and-tictacs Poor Little Bolin :iconlipstick-and-tictacs:lipstick-and-tictacs 17 4 Avatar State by lipstick-and-tictacs Avatar State :iconlipstick-and-tictacs:lipstick-and-tictacs 18 7 Oh, Sokka by lipstick-and-tictacs Oh, Sokka :iconlipstick-and-tictacs:lipstick-and-tictacs 20 2


Sherlock Oil Painting by CandyLane02 Sherlock Oil Painting :iconcandylane02:CandyLane02 168 56 Sterling Knight by eriecat Sterling Knight :iconeriecat:eriecat 7 13 Selena Gomez again by eriecat Selena Gomez again :iconeriecat:eriecat 3 5 GLEE by eriecat GLEE :iconeriecat:eriecat 14 21 Glee Dump :D by eriecat Glee Dump :D :iconeriecat:eriecat 15 15 Aang by eriecat Aang :iconeriecat:eriecat 5 9 Kurt and Finn by eriecat Kurt and Finn :iconeriecat:eriecat 10 8 Kinn: Mistletoe by eriecat Kinn: Mistletoe :iconeriecat:eriecat 16 17 Selena Gomez and Joey King by eriecat Selena Gomez and Joey King :iconeriecat:eriecat 9 10 Glee Dump No.2 by eriecat Glee Dump No.2 :iconeriecat:eriecat 11 11 Kurt and Finn no. 2 by eriecat Kurt and Finn no. 2 :iconeriecat:eriecat 15 18 Glee: Kinn and Partie by eriecat Glee: Kinn and Partie :iconeriecat:eriecat 21 56 Tangled by eriecat Tangled :iconeriecat:eriecat 4 8 Glee: Songs batch 1 by eriecat Glee: Songs batch 1 :iconeriecat:eriecat 4 0 Glee: Songs batch 2 by eriecat Glee: Songs batch 2 :iconeriecat:eriecat 4 0 Maximum Ride: 2011 edition by eriecat Maximum Ride: 2011 edition :iconeriecat:eriecat 118 45



Do, like, people put poetry up here? That's an important question, I think.

Also, my first year anniversary for being on DA is coming up soon. I should do something special.



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